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I would say I'm a self-taught artist, but that's not totally accurate. More like life-taught.

Which is okay. My artistic expression began to come out later in life. So I went with it.

Early in my career I worked in publication design and developed an eye for balance and color. Moving on to advertising and PR, I worked with a number of world-class artists, illustrators and photographers. Finally, a role in higher education gave me the chance to spend time with, and learn from, some immensely talented art historians, educators and curators—each of whom were accomplished artists in their own right. Those things rub off on you.

I began my own journey in earnest when I enrolled in classes at a local art institute. It helped that my dad, who was a skilled illustrator and cartoonist, had taught me some principles and techniques when I was young. I had also learned from the talented professionals I had worked with in my career.

Over time I developed an interest in abstract expressionism, largely because of its emphasis on spontaneous, personal expression over traditional techniques or subject matter. I am particularly fascinated with how it evolved in defiance of cultural norms and shifted the attention of the art world to New York in the mid-20th Century. The colors, textures and range of expression that are possible in the abstract inspire my art today.

Tom Delamater, Ohio artist
Resident Artist
Patina Arts Centre, Canton, Ohio

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