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Hazen Boosters Auction 2024

Renton Technical College  •  Renton, Washington


At the request of a longtime friend, I donated a painting to the 2024 Hazen Boosters Auction, which supports programs at Hazen High School in Renton, Wash. The event benefitted the school's arts, athletics, clubs and other student activities.

Their nickname is the Highlanders, so I utilized their colors of blue, green and gold, which are derived from the dress Gordon tartan. The painting also evokes imagery of the trees, mountains, water and rainfall of the Pacific Northwest.


One of their catchphrases is, "Let there be no last farewell among the Highland clan." Hence, the painting's title: "No Last Farewell."

Hazen Boosters Auction 2024
No Last Farewell by Tom Delamater

In the auction room

Another view of the painting

"No Last Farewell," 11" x 14"

acrylic on canvas panel

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