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Artist's Statement

​My artistic journey is admittedly unusual for having occurred so late in life. (Are we ever really late, though?) It's been one of discovery — not only of the techniques and methods involved, but of self.

Over time, I've gravitated toward exploring layers, texture and depth. Which only makes sense; as humans, we all have layers of our own, which often obscure the real person hiding underneath.

If we're fortunate, there are things or events or people in our lives who help peel back those layers and reveal who we really are, who we were truly meant to be. With art, though, the layers can't be peeled back the same way. Each person who observes a painting explores the depths of the work in their own mind and draws their own conclusions. They alone can peel back the layers to determine what they see, or what they think may be there.

In that way, the layers of a painting challenge us to explore its depth and seek to understand the mystery — urging the hidden things to come forward and reveal themselves. What's beneath the layers, in our paintings or in our lives? What would we find hidden there, if only we could remove all that obscures it? That mystery is one I enjoy exploring and expressing in my work.

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