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abstract painting by Tom Delamater

"I don’t mean to imply that Delamater’s brand of abstraction looks a lot like Jackson Pollock’s. . .that said, there’s still a kinship between the two. You could consider them maybe second or third cousins in terms of how they distribute an 'all-over' variety of gestures and marks that cover the painting surface. That distribution, however, appears comparatively more structured and rhythmic in Delamater’s paintings." Artwach

    I enjoy exploring layers, texture and depth, and this ever-expanding series that makes up "Depth of Feel" are the result of that exploration. 
    Layers of acrylic paint and gesso give visible depth to each piece, which emerges from the canvas as the work progresses. The paint is poured or drizzled, while the gesso is applied using broad, unplanned strokes with pallet knives, spatulas, putty knives and other objects. 
    The names of the paintings represent emotions common to us all. I'm often asked if the names reflect what I was feeling when I worked on the painting. In some cases, yes, although I can't say it's true of every last one. In some instances, I chose the name because that's what I saw and felt when I looked at the finished piece.

     As I said in my artist statement, the layers of a painting challenge us to explore its depth and seek to understand the mystery — urging the hidden things to come forward and reveal themselves. What's beneath the layers, in our paintings or in our lives? What would we find hidden there, if only we could remove all that obscures it? That mystery is one I enjoy exploring and expressing in my work.

To view a gallery of some of my early work, click here.

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