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Expect the unexpected

I have an old art table (pictured) stained with layers of paint left over from various projects. One day I noticed some vivid images peering back at me from different sections of the paint, so I snapped a few pics on my phone. Intrigued by what I saw, I got out my tripod, set up a couple lights, and began shooting more photos.

Tom Delamater

This is the result: a group of random, abstract images that revealed themselves — first, in the way the paint collected over time; then, as I began to see the images within the whole; and finally, in the way those images appeared via the camera lens.


There's no way any of it could have been planned. 

Not only that, but the images now exist only in these photographs. I've painted on the table many times since, so the physical shapes and colors from which they appeared no longer exist. 

I love the unpredictable nature of it, the serendipity. It literally just happened one day, and then it was gone. Hence the name. Gotta enjoy the journey.

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